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Buying a certificate without an exam means acquiring a certification through alternative methods that do not require taking an official exam. These methods are achieved using top official access or insiders from the certificate providers. We work in close collaboration with them to get this done. 

What are the Advantages of buying a certificate without an exam ?

  • Time-saving: No need to appear in the exam or travel to the test location. Everything is handled by us while you handle your other activities with ease.
  • Cost-effective: You only cover the cost of certificate and nothing else. Taking the test requires you to invest in courses, materials, exam fees and the list goes on…
  • Flexibility: It’s flexible for you and you can do it from the comfort of your home. You are hiring us to do all the heavy lifting.
  • Credibility boost: Everything we do here is official and genuine. You are free to verify it’s legitimacy before using.

Is it legal to buy a certificate without an exam?

Actually it’s not a legal route to use. The system or the matrix requires you to take the test before getting certified.  But it doesn’t mean this can’t be used. Every service has it backdoor that can be used to obtain the same certificate without you doing all the hard-work required. It’s exactly what our experts here at Ai Proficiency Hub Do. Also read: Buy PTE certificate without exams. 

What types of certificates can I buy without an exam?

You can buy any type of document online. There must be a provider somewhere you can use to get it done without you following the official protocols. From university degrees, language proficiency certificates, visas, driving license and the list goes on….. All can be bought. We also provide scores modification procedure and tracking of scores or proxy procedure

How can I buy a certificate without an exam?

In order to buy anything, you must locate it’s provider or vendor. Google is the biggest search engine in the world. Most people use this tool to locate legitimate providers like us. So you are currently reading from one of the best certificate provider on the internet. In case you wish to learn about the steps on how you can get started, read steps on how to buy a PTE certificate online. 

Are the certificates obtained through this method genuine?

Very important question. It’s totally forbidden to engage yourself  in a purchase of fake documents. Buying or trying to use a fake document, comes with severe consequences. And it is possible to easily get a fake certificate using this method if you are not careful with the agent you are about to work with. Here at Ai Proficiency Hub,  we make sure that every certificate you get from us, is officially recognized and verifiable online. So we strictly offer verifiable documents and nothing else.

Can I get a refund if the certificate is not genuine?

Well, just by engaging your process with us or choosing us, your success is already guaranteed. But in case of any legitimacy issue after completion, you can be refunded. Learn more about our privacy policy.

Will buying a certificate without an exam affect my career prospects?

The answer is NO!!! Reason because you get the same certificate like that of those who took the exams. So when it comes to it legitimacy, it is 100% safe. Also read: buy IELTS certificate without exam.

But it’s important to know that, it can very dangerous if you buy a fake certificate and try to use it officially. Make sure you work with genuine agents to get this done. 

What measures should I take to ensure that the certificate is genuine?

Verification is all you need to do. Most language proficiency providers, offers an option for their registered test takers to create an account on their official websites, where they can manage their scores. So in order to be rest assured that the certificate is genuine, you can request your agent to provide you with your login credentials so you can login to your account and verify your scores. This is the easiest way to confirm it’s legitimacy. You can also contact top officials and ask them to help you verify your certificate. 

Is it a one-time payment or do I need to pay for the certificate every year?

Every certificate has it’s lifespan. The certificate you  get from us, has the same lifespan assigned by the official providers. So you can simply make another payment only when you wish extend the date to a more recent one. 

How much does it cost to buy a genuine certificate?

The cost of a certificate solely depends on your requirements and customization. We handle your request and charge you based on what you want and desire. Contact our support for more information. You can as well the PMP certification without exam. 

Firstly, Find a Genuine Site:

Secondly, Select Category of PTE Certificate

Thirdly, Choose Your required PTE Band Score

Fourthly, Payment Method

Lastly, Processing of your request

We have drafted a step by step guide that enables you to verify the authenticity nature of your certificate.. Follow this verification guide.

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No you can’t. We are professionals and we treat  your information with care. You can learn more about our Privacy policy.

99.99% of our clients experience a 100% success rate as long as they are willing to complete their request by following the steps mentioned in the procedure. No client has ever come to us and leave without their desired result. You can reach out to us in case you wish to get started.